Sunday nights explained

How it works: every Sunday, my boyfriend and I take turns picking a meal we would like the other to cook for us. We try to pick new recipes or meals we wouldn’t usually have time to make during the workweek in order to make it a bit more special. Beware when it’s your turn to pick the meal though – for those who do not cook must clean the kitchen afterward!

I started this tradition with my boyfriend as a way of expanding our recipe repertoire. It has the added bonus of making cooking on Sundays pretty fun – either because you’re getting an awesome homemade meal of your choice (think laying on the couch with your feet up as delicious smells come wafting in from the kitchen), or because you get to try out a cool new recipe and flex your culinary muscles. It also guarantees we get at least one nice, sit down meal together a week. We’ve definitely taken a few breaks with our Sunday meals during busy times of the year or when we’re away from home, but we try and stick to it since we both agree that it’s something we enjoy and look forward to each week.

Hope you enjoy our Sunday adventures,