Tomato Coconut Curry


Tonight, I present to you tomato coconut curry with sole fillets (for the boy) or soy chicken (for moi). Deeee-lish! The curry turned out a very vibrant colour and I loved seeing it change along the way.  Check out more pictures and the recipe


Coconut Curry with Rhubarb Cherry Crisp For Dessert

J chose this meal; delicious creamy veggie curry with warm rhubarb cherry crisp for dessert (paired with soy vanilla ice cream, of course!). I added some curry paste that we buy at the local Asian food market (not called for in the recipe) and it ended up giving the dish some serious kick! Maybe one day I’ll be able to handle spicy foods… I didn’t find that cooking the quinoa in coconut milk made much of a difference, so if you want to cut back on the amount of coconut milk used in this recipe (3 cans!) I’d recommend just cooking the quinoa using water. (Also, just wanted to point out that the pictures make it look like we ate more dessert than dinner, but I swear it’s not true :)) Check out the recipe