Spicy Peanut Butter Tofu and Roasted Buddha Bowl

This was a very saucy meal; everything was smothered in creamy or spicy delicious-ness. Spicy peanut sauce always fares well for us, and the Buddha bowl managed to stand its own. Crunchy chickpeas with roasted vegetables and that creamy garlicky sauce is a pretty great combo! Check out the recipe


Chicken-Fried Seitan Tenders, Pan Gravy and Roasted Greens


We have been trying to make seitan over the past year, and I think this has been our most successful meal to date. It was so flavourful and hearty and we definitely both ate way too much of it in one sitting – always a good sign of a tasty meal! Check out the recipe

Crêpes (Grilled Asparagus and Hollandaise sauce) with Bubble and Squeak Cakes

Monday night eats.

A busy weekend delayed our usual Sunday meal until Monday night. The actual menu consisted of crêpes filled with grilled asparagus and Hollandaise sauce, accompanied by “bubble and squeak cakes” which were essentially potato pancakes with shredded brussel sprouts. Unfortunately, we ate pretty late last night and since the lighting in our apartment is terrible, there are no pics of the crêpes. These are some of the leftover bubble and squeak cakes I had for breakfast this morning, and I can attest to the crêpes being beautiful last night! Both recipes were quite delicious (especially the sauce), although our consensus was that potato pancakes are way more work than they’re worth! Check out the recipe

Coconut Curry with Rhubarb Cherry Crisp For Dessert

J chose this meal; delicious creamy veggie curry with warm rhubarb cherry crisp for dessert (paired with soy vanilla ice cream, of course!). I added some curry paste that we buy at the local Asian food market (not called for in the recipe) and it ended up giving the dish some serious kick! Maybe one day I’ll be able to handle spicy foods… I didn’t find that cooking the quinoa in coconut milk made much of a difference, so if you want to cut back on the amount of coconut milk used in this recipe (3 cans!) I’d recommend just cooking the quinoa using water. (Also, just wanted to point out that the pictures make it look like we ate more dessert than dinner, but I swear it’s not true :)) Check out the recipe

Winter Vegetable Pot Pie

Winter Vegetable Pot PieCold weather = comfort food. This recipe yields root vegetables and starchy goodness smothered in gravy and topped with buttery pastry. No complaints! (Note: we cheated and used pre-made soy chicken in place of seitan in the recipe below, but either would be delicious. The President’s Choice brand of soy chicken is pretty fantastic, if you’ve never tried it before!) Check out the recipe